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Recovery after exercise, training and workouts is important for many reasons. Let's look at a few really great recovery methods used by Athletes.

For most people training is, well, training. This may be true, however, there are many forms of training. The most widely used form of training is Aerobic training.

Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ so the energy source used for this exercise requires oxygen. The other form o...

Nine lower leg amputations are performed each day in Australia due to complications associated with diabetes.

This staggering statistic is largely preventable by reducing your risk to diabetes through a fit and healthy lifestyle and by looking after your feet.

Looking af...

Most people that engage in physical activity use anaerobic energy systems. Although football, rugby, basketball, hockey, etc. are sports that last for a long period of time and are assumed to be aerobic based sports, they also have a large portion of anaerobic exercise...

Since the early 1970’s when Arnold Schwarzenegger lifted the profile of body building, resistance training has fast become the preferred training method in men and to an extent woman. The typical form of resistance training used by most is weightlifting. This is not th...

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