Mental Health Training

Investing in creating a more mentally healthy workplace makes perfect sense for everyone and is beneficial to business and to staff.  In mentally healthy workplaces, employees are more engaged, more motivated, morale is higher and research has shown that staff are more productive.  Subsequently, the return on investment makes for a happier and healthier workplace that will retain good staff.

Research by Pricewaterhouse Coopers has shown that for every dollar you spend creating a mentally healthy workplace can, on average, result in a positive return on investment (ROI) of 2.3.  These benefits are derived from a reduction in presenteeism (reduced productivity at work), absenteeism, and compensation claims.

The most recent Australian survey of National Health and Mental Wellbeing found that one in five (20%) people in the Australian population had experienced a common mental illness (depression, anxiety or substance abuse disorder) during the previous 12 months.


A highly knowledgeable, motivating and engaging presenter, Dr Naylor is regularly sought to speak at conferences and workplace events across a range of mental health topics.  With a PhD in Neurochemistry from the University of Melbourne, Dr Naylor has used her 25 years of industry experience in the health and wellbeing sector to shape workplaces, ensuring they are mentally safe, healthy and productive.  Dr Naylor’s expertise as a program facilitator and extensive experience delivering programs across a wide range of industry sectors, ensures she can reliably customise and target Mental Health training courses to your workplace and staffing needs.

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