Health Checks 

& Assessments

The first step towards improved employee wellbeing is each individual having knowledge of their current health status.

The cost to business of ineffective staff due to performance limiting health is running into the many millions of dollars in Australia. The personal cost due to potential fatalities caused by individuals not appreciating the status of their health is enormous.


Fit & Healthy Business can offer your business on site workplace health check pathology, a mobile service that uses state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to provide medical test results to patients in a few minutes.

Fit & Healthy Business health audits assess the risk of your staff to a range of lifestyle health problems, assessing;

  • Blood cholesterol levels

  • Blood sugar levels

  • Blood pressure

  • Lung capacity

  • Body mass index

  • Skin folds

  • Nutritional assessment and consultation

  • Exercise assessment and consultation


Fit & Healthy Business provide clients with complimentary;

  • Secure and company branded online booking system enabling staff to select the appointments they want, removing client administration demands.

  • Individual reporting profiles to each participant

  • Overall organisational health profile of company with comparisons against population norms and strategies to improve the benchmarking data provided.

  • Company branded promotional posters

  • Health awareness posters

  • Healthy literature and information

  • Onsite service 24/7 at no extra premium.