This WorkSafe approved Refresher training course will assist HSRs' and Deputy HSRs' understanding of how they can effectively use their powers when participating in the identification, prevention and control of the risks associated with work-related stress

Mental health is a state of wellbeing that allows people to realise their potential while coping with the ordinary challenges of life. This training course covers the important subject area of work-related stress and factors which can impact mental health and safety.


Work-related factors, also known as psychosocial hazards, are anything in the management or design of work that increases the risk of work-related stress, which can lead to physical injury, mental injury or even both at the same time.

HSRs are in a position where they can act on behalf of employees in their designated work group to raise issues which are identified, and to do this they require a level of understanding of the subject matter. This training steps through information on work-related stress to assist in providing that level of understanding to enable the HSR to identify factors which are impacting mental health and safety. With this knowledge they are able to liaise with their designated work group and management to raise issues as they are identified.

Although HSRs / Deputy HSRs are the primary audience, managers, supervisors, health and safety committee members may also benefit from attending this course.

This HSR Refresher OHS Training Course is offered as an alternative to the standard HSR Refresher OHS Training course 1 and 2 and will also provide HSRs and deputy HSRs with the opportunity to refresh their skills and knowledge of Victorian OHS legislation, workplace hazards and employee consultation and revisit aspects of the HSR Initial Training Course.  


The HSR Refresher OHS Training Course is interactive; activity based and will provide all participants with OHS knowledge and skills to take back and implement in their workplace. 

  • Work related stress

  • The value of HSRs to workplace safety

  • Legal framework and the OHS Act 2004

  • Hazards and risk management, including how to determine levels of risk and controls

  • The importance of consultation

  • Issue resolution processes


HSR/Deputy HSR Entitlements

Section 67 of the OHS Act 2004 entitles HSRs and Deputy HSRs, after completing an HSR Initial OHS Training course to attend a WorkSafe Victoria Approved HSR Refresher OHS Training Course for each year they hold office.  HSRs and Deputy HSRs also have the right to choose the HSR Refresher OHS Training Course they attend (in consultation with their employer). The employer must allow the HSR/DHSR time off work with pay and also pay reasonable costs associated with attendance at the HSR Refresher OHS Training Course.


HSR Refresher OHS Training Course Delivery Method

The HSR Refresher OHS Training Course is delivered face-to-face over 1 day, with
7 hours of course delivery. There is a limit of 20 participants per training session.
Each participant will receive:

  • Comprehensive course manual

  • Resources that can be used back in the workplace.

Participants will also receive a Certificate of Attendance on completion of training day.


HSR Public OHS Training Course Dates


  • Public course dates to be confirmed.  Contact us to enquire.

  • In-house course delivery can be arranged for workplaces with suitable training facilities.  Contact us to enquire.


HSR Refresher OHS Training Course Investment

The investment to complete the HSR Refresher OHS Training Course is $350.00 + gst per participant.  Significant reductions in investment are offered for workplaces able to host our trainer and the HSR Refresher OHS Training Course onsite, with fees commencing at $3,500 & gst (conditions apply).



Please note that payment is required to complete your HSR Refresher OHS Training Course enrolment and confirm your place within the course.  If you would prefer Fit & Healthy Business issue your workplace an invoice for you to attend the HSR Refresher OHS Training Course, please contact us or call 03 9885 0021.

Upon receipt of your enrolment, you will be requested by email to complete an HSR Refresher OHS Training Course Training Registration Form to confirm your registration.

HSR Refresher OHS Training Course - Work Related Stress

Legal consultation
Legal consultation
Hazard and Risk Mgmt
Hazard and Risk Mgmt
Workplace conflict and violence
Workplace conflict and violence
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Conflict at work